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Do you want to make 2019 your nonprofit’s best fundraising year ever?

It’s easy to get fired up up at the beginning of the year with lots of exciting ideas. You want to...

  • grow your individual giving program,
  • zero in on online giving,
  • bring new donors on board,
  • start your major gift program,
  • redo your website,
  • tackle grants,
  • work your social media,
  • pull together some events, and more!


And then, in the midst of that chaos, your ED rushes in with a grant opportunity one of the board members told her about — and the deadline is tomorrow!

You were focused on kicking off 2019 right. But you weren’t even exactly sure where to look for the 939753985 things you were concerned about in the first place. And now? You’re dragged off course. And it’s not the first time.

Getting it all done in the world of fundraising involves a lot of your heart and soul. It also involves having a plan that focuses on the right things, and getting everyone on board — working, learning, and going forth to implement — together.

Stop the insanity and get real. The time to do it is now.

If you want this year to be different, and if you’re committed to getting off the fundraising hamster wheel, then the Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program, was created for you. It’s been developed to provide your small nonprofit organization with both the tools and the personal support you need to build a solid, donor-focused fundraising plan for long-term results. You’ll rock your fundraising this year...and beyond. I guarantee it!

Julia R. Wilson

Simple Development Systems is AMAZING.  I am so glad we signed up for it – it has been an incredible support for me and our Development Associate.  We don’t have a senior development person – its just me on top of being executive director, and your program has had JUST the right approach for us.  I feel like we are doing things more effectively and efficiently – the webinars, resources, newsletters/emails, it has all been terrific.  I am recommending it to other folks right and left!

Julia R. Wilson, Executive Director, OneJustice

Created around the recommendations of Penelope Burk in her book, Donor-Centered Leadership, my own experiences both in consulting and as Development Director of a number of small nonprofit organizations, and your feedback,  Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program consists of sound relationship-building strategies you can build on for long-term sustainable funding.

Mandy Fischer

We have really loved being a part of your program and learned a ton!! Please know you are a big part of our development team here at the Intervale Center, and we not just achieved but exceeded our community fundraising goals by $24,000 in 2013 thanks for great advice and support from Simple Development Systems!!

Mandy Fischer, Development Manager, Intervale Center

Your training is delivered by some of the biggest leaders in the nonprofit field, including Tom Ahern, Kivi Leroux Miller, Gail Perry, Amy Eisenstein and more, and in-the trenches fundraisers who have “been there and done that.” Regular readers of The Grow Report know that I’m a stickler for sharing only the best. No quick fix, no fluff, no ‘bright shiny objects’ (sorry, you won’t find any “fundraising on Pinterest” webinars here).

Teri Donaldson

I became the ED of The Futures Foundation last May. Last week, I received my first $100,000 gift.  I have such great stories to tell about the good work we do.  It’s easy to be passionate when you’re doing what you love. I do not have any staff and my board has set a goal for me of $1 million by December 31, 2014.  I really received the reigns of the foundation in late October.  Since then, I have raised nearly $325,000.  My annual appeal was very successful. Using your book, webinars, classes, etc. I am moving forward nicely! I look forward to learning more from you! As your emails always say, yes, you have my back!

Teri Donaldson, Executive Director, The Futures Foundation

Professional development is an essential management tool, not an expendable perk because training is as beneficial to management as it is to the staff who experience it.

Penelope Burk
Donor-Centered Leadership

Is Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program right for you?

If you struggle with “doing it all,” putting out a consistent message, figuring out just what donors want, or how to get your board involved in fundraising… Simple Development Systems is for you.

If your attempts at getting everyone in your office on the same page have fallen on deaf ears, if you think that most fundraising “experts” have forgotten what it’s like to do it all,  or if you think that most webinars cater to huge organizations… Simple Development Systems is for you.

If you’re truly committed to funding your mission, Simple Development Systems is for you.

Here's What Your Membership Includes:

So what are the benefits? Here’s some of what you’ll receive…

  • Trainings from numerous stars in the sector, including: Tom Ahern, Kivi Leroux Miller, Gail Perry, AJ Steinberg,
  • Monthly webinars you can listen to at any time, again featuring amazing nonprofit pros!
  • Automatic enrollment in weekly Motivate Monday webinars to kick your week off right and offer valuable (yet free!) fundraising tips!
  • Exclusive access to a huge archive of past webinar trainings
  • The entire Basics & More course roster! These classes cover all of the bases and provide tools geared toward your fundraising success. Topics include:
  • Email support for each class, as well as a Facebook group for additional support and connecting with other students!
  • Simple Development Systems: Fundraising for Small Shops book
  • Five Days to Foundation Grants book
  • Members only discounts on podcasts
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching calls (a $250 value!) to develop your fundraising systems

You know the world of fundraising is chaotic.

Too many options to sort through.

Too many bright, shiny objects and other distractions.

Getting thrown off focus time and time again.

There’s a reason why Simple Development Systems is right for you. It’s got exactly what you need so that you can stop looking around start getting real. So you can start focusing on the right things that’ll take you to where you want to be.

Your nonprofit will be growing and thriving, gaining amazing fundraising results and donor relationships built to last.

Check out what past students have been saying about Simple Development Systems. They’ve experienced a transformation at their organizations, and their results show it!

Pamela Grow’s SIMPLE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS membership club is the bargain of the decade.  Pamela markets the benefits to the small shop even though the information will help any professional fundraiser sharpen her saw. I’ve been working with wonderful donors to unlock their passionate generosity for three decades, and the value that Pamela has brought through the webinars, her insightful comments and phone coaching, and connectivity with her insanely talented professional network has to be experienced to be believed.  So — EXPERIENCE IT before membership closes.

- Jane Scheidecker, CFRE, MBA, Former Vice President for Development, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon

Tom Belford of The Agitator wrote:  “Unsustainable trends will continue… unless development professionals and nonprofit leaders take it upon themselves to learn and change.” Have questions? Take a look at the Frequently-Asked Questions, or email me.

Carina Baker, LMSW, Development Associate

I am so excited to say that after our coaching session, I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my ED. I advocated for a grant-writing consultant to come on so that I can spend more time loving our donors, and got the green light to co-create a plan to promote a culture of philanthropy that engages our Board and staff. Plus — I got a raise and a promotion! Thank you for everything, Pamela!

Carina Baker, LMSW, Development Associate
Here's How You'll Explode Your Fundraising… All Access Ticket: $599.99 or three installments of $199.99 Membership: $999.99 or monthly payments of $99.99
The entire roster of 20+ Basics & More Classes (Including Monthly Giving, Board Fudraising, Online Giving, Smarter Event Planning, The Power of Thank You & More)>
Email Support for Every Class
Enrollment For Up to Seven Team Members
Private Facebook Group for Every Class
Simple Development Systems: Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop
Five Days to Foundation Grants Book
Monthly Webinars Presented By Leading Experts
Access to Our Archives of Dozens of Webinar Trainings from Non-Profit Pros: (Including Kivi Leroux Miller, Amy Einstein, Jeff Schreifels, Tom Ahern, Gail Perry & more)
Members Only Discounts on Products: (Including Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, Bloomerang Solutions & more)
Monthly Personal 45 Minute Coaching Call ($250 Value)

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  • Automatic enrollment in every Basics & More™ class offered throughout the year — $1900 value
  • Access to Simple Development Systems: Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop (book) — $49.99 value
  • Access to the Simple Development Systems membership Archive containing dozens of recorded trainings — $3500 value
  • Members’ only bonuses and discounts
  • Private Monthly Coaching — $3500 value
  • Fundraising Systems Testing — $3500 value

TOTAL VALUE: Over $12,000 – All included in the one time purchase price of $999.99 (or $1,199.99 12 monthly payments of $99.99)


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$99.99 per month

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