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Was 2016 a good year for your organization?

It’s easy to get fired up up at the beginning of the year with exciting ideas for finally tying together your fundraising efforts with online giving, redoing your website, creating a plan for individual giving and major gifts, grants, social media… and then: Your ED rushes in with a grant opportunity one of the board members told her about — and the deadline is tomorrow!

Is this you?

  • Your website hasn’t been updated in months — and your ‘webmaster’ isn’t responding to your calls or emails
  • Despite your best planning, your year-end direct mail campaign was a total bust, thanks to the interference of the ‘powers that be’
  • Trying to decipher your Excel database to actually target your donors has gotten to be close to impossible – and you have no clue how to select a donor database
  • You committed to connecting more with your donors last year … and ended up sending out one newsletter
  • You know that you need to do something to grow your online fundraising, but your email list is stuck at a few loyal supporters and your board members
  • Your organization’s Facebook page has 217 fans...and you don’t have a clue what to do with them
  • You spent three months putting in 12 hour days for an event … that yielded $4,750

Stop the insanity!

If you’re ready for real change in 2017 and you’re committed to getting off the fundraising treadmill, the Simple Development Systems membership program was created for you. Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program has been developed to provide your small nonprofit organization with the tools you need to build a solid, donor-centered fundraising plan… leading to long-term funding.

Julia R. Wilson

Simple Development Systems is AMAZING.  I am so glad we signed up for it – it has been an incredible support for me and our Development Associate.  We don’t have a senior development person – its just me on top of being executive director, and your program has had JUST the right approach for us.  I feel like we are doing things more effectively and efficiently – the webinars, resources, newsletters/emails, it has all been terrific.  I am recommending it to other folks right and left!

Julia R. Wilson, Executive Director, OneJustice

Created around the recommendations of Penelope Burk in her book, Donor-Centered Leadership, my own experiences both in consulting and as Development Director of a number of small nonprofit organizations, and your feedback,  Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program consists of sound relationship-building strategies you can build on for long-term sustainable funding.

Mandy Fischer

We have really loved being a part of your program and learned a ton!! Please know you are a big part of our development team here at the Intervale Center, and we not just achieved but exceeded our community fundraising goals by $24,000 in 2013 thanks for great advice and support from Simple Development Systems!!

Mandy Fischer, Development Manager, Intervale Center

Your training is delivered by some of the biggest leaders in the nonprofit field, including Tom Ahern, Kivi Leroux Miller, Gail Perry, Amy Eisenstein and more, and in-the trenches fundraisers who have “been there and done that.” Regular readers of The Grow Report know that I’m a stickler for sharing only the best. No quick fix, no fluff, no ‘bright shiny objects’ (sorry, you won’t find any “fundraising on Pinterest” webinars here).

Teri Donaldson

I became the ED of The Futures Foundation last May. Last week, I received my first $100,000 gift.  I have such great stories to tell about the good work we do.  It’s easy to be passionate when you’re doing what you love. I do not have any staff and my board has set a goal for me of $1 million by December 31, 2014.  I really received the reigns of the foundation in late October.  Since then, I have raised nearly $325,000.  My annual appeal was very successful. Using your book, webinars, classes, etc. I am moving forward nicely! I look forward to learning more from you! As your emails always say, yes, you have my back!

Teri Donaldson, Executive Director, The Futures Foundation

Professional development is an essential management tool, not an expendable perk because training is as beneficial to management as it is to the staff who experience it.

Penelope Burk
Donor-Centered Leadership

Is Simple Development Systems | The Membership Program right for you?

If you struggle with “doing it all,” putting out a consistent message, figuring out just what donors want, or how to get your board involved in fundraising… Simple Development Systems is for you.

If your attempts at getting everyone in your office on the same page have fallen on deaf ears, if you think that most fundraising “experts” have forgotten what it’s like to do it all,  or if you think that most webinars cater to huge organizations… Simple Development Systems is for you.

If you’re truly committed to funding your mission, Simple Development Systems is for you.

Here's What Your Membership Includes:

  • Your own copy of Simple Development Systems, often referred to as the donor-centered “bible” for small shop fundraisers.
  • Monthly training webinars from the leaders in the industry, including Mark Rovner, John Haydon,  and more (click for trainers)
  • Your weekly Monday Morning Motivation – click for a sample
  • Monthly ‘members only‘ book and product drawings
  • The entire roster of Basics & More classes Simple Development Systems member you’ll receive automatic free registration and course materials.
  • Access to my ‘members only’ Resource Library, which includes my book, Five Days to Foundation Grants, as well as countless tools such as The Donor Love Toolkit ebook, Nonprofit Email Marketing Secrets, and more
  • Access to a private ‘members only’ Facebook forum
  • I’ve also arranged for you to receive special ‘members-only’ discounts on programs and products that I’ve partnered with, such as Movie Mondays’ entire suite of products, including 100 Donors in 90 Days, CharityHowTo webinars, Bloomerang, the only donor database focused on retention, CharityChannel Press books and more.
  • Bonus: Every month members are included in a 30-minute group coaching call so you can get expert feedback – at no extra charge.

Quite simply, I challenge you to find another membership program that offers you so many benefits.

Pamela Grow’s SIMPLE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS membership club is the bargain of the decade.  Pamela markets the benefits to the small shop even though the information will help any professional fundraiser sharpen her saw. I’ve been working with wonderful donors to unlock their passionate generosity for three decades, and the value that Pamela has brought through the webinars, her insightful comments and phone coaching, and connectivity with her insanely talented professional network has to be experienced to be believed.  So — EXPERIENCE IT before membership closes.

- Jane Scheidecker, CFRE, MBA, Former Vice President for Development, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon

Tom Belford of The Agitator wrote:  “Unsustainable trends will continue… unless development professionals and nonprofit leaders take it upon themselves to learn and change.” Have questions? Take a look at the Frequently-Asked Questions, or email me.

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